5 Article Forge Alternatives (2021)

Article Forge Alternatives

Do you ever feel like you’re spending too much time with your content or that it’s not getting the reach it deserves? Worry no more. With the help of AI, you can create quality content effortlessly and with little to no human input required.

To help you, we have listed some of the best artificial intelligence content generation software on the market. These softwares will make it much easier to automate your content creation process.

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Here are the Top 5 ARTICLE FORGE ALTERNATIVES to consider in 2021 :

#SoftwareBest For
2Copy SmithCopywritting
3SEO Content MachineBlogging
4ArticooloUsers on budget
5Article builderSEO link building
Article Forge vs

WordAI vs Article Forge : Best Alternative for blogging

Type: Article Generator

Languages: English    

Best for: Blogging 

Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 

Brief: WordAI is an automatic spinning tool that gets different forms of content. It only supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian but it’s one of the most talked about tools on rewrites.

Article Forge vs WordAI
Article Forge vs WordAI

What are some of the features of WordAI ?

WordAI uses machine learning to find words that are close to the one you’re looking for. It ensures that it always picks an appropriate synonym by understanding each word’s meaning and how it relates to each other.

WordAI finds ways to rewrite your content in a way that fits with the context. For instance, it may tweak sentences so they don’t have the same sentiment as the original sentence.. It is not a tool for writing new content, but WordAI can help you spin your content into new, original work.

WordAI Features:

  • Capable of generating content quickly
  • One of the benefits of using AI content writers is that they can provide your business with a touch of personalization.
  • WordAI collects user-generated content; it then categorizes, tags, and scrubs the content..
  • This tool can facilitate the creation of captivating and convincing titles.
  • AI writing assistants are able to comprehend that one word can have multiple meanings.

WordAI Pricing

Monthly Turing Plan – $49.95 / per month  Turing Yearly Plan – $347per year

This plan has everything you need to create quality content that’ll help you rank higher on search engines. The automatic sentence & paragraph rewriting, the thouthful use of synonyms, thje fact that supports english, spanish french and italian…that’s all you need for great ideas quickly.

Brief : ✅ One-click settings   ✅ Human quality content ✅ Foreign language translator  ✅ Fast processing

Copy Smith vs Article Forge : Best Alternative AI-Based Copywriter

If you are launching a new product or kickstarting your business on your own, Copysmith is among the best content generator to provide on-the-spot original copies for your brand.

Article Forge vs Copy Smith
Article Forge vs Copy Smith

Type: Article Generator 

Languages: Supports all languages, however the best quality outputs are in English  

Best for: Copywriting

Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 

Next up is Copy Smith which is an AI content generator software, created by a mix of a marketing experts, a team of AI researchers and award-winning copywriters. This software doesn’t just create articles but also writes the description, meta tags for you as well as publishing on different platforms

What are some of the features of Copy Smith ?

Integration options: As a copywriter, the need to export & import articles is a daily errand. That’s why Copy Smith will let you export articles in CSV format with just a few clicks. This way, you can easily do bulk exports and imports. And they’re also looking to integrate their program with deeper features, so watch out for updates! In case, if you want any specific feature requirements, you can contact them using the Feature Request page as well.

Chrome extension: At Grammarly, we’ve developed a Chrome extension that will analyse the webpage you want to turn into an article and then create clean, plagiarism-free content with ease.

Marketing features: Moreover, AI writers can be used to create article headlines, ad-creating features, landing pages, Instagram ads and other content ideas.

Copy Smith Pricing

Free trial: Get started with the 7-day free trial to learn more about the software features and working performance.

Subscriptions: There are three paid plans which come with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

• Starter – $16/month ($192 billed annually) • Professional – $50/month ($600 billed annually) • Enterprise – $424/month ($5088 billed annually)

Brief : ✅ Instant copies   ✅ Multiple formats ✅ Content management  ✅ Keyword tracking

SEO Content Machine vs Article Forge : Best Alternative for SEO articles

If you need quantity over quality, SEO Content Machine is the best content generator for search engine optimization. You can get to page one of Google by submitting low-quality content that you don’t have to do anything with.

Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine
Article Forge vs SEO Content Machine

Type: Article Generator    

Languages: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese

Best for: SEO articles

Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 

If you want to create high-quality blog posts for your PBN, money blog or link building campaign, then SEO Content Machine is the tool for you!. Unlike other tools, it is downloadable software that works on MAC, PC, and Linux efficiently without emulation software.

What are some of the features of Content Machine ?

Optimized formatting: SEO Content Machine lets you add images, videos, sub-headings, questions & answers, lists, and tweets in your generated content to make it more readable. 

WordPress intergration: You can now use article generator software to automatically publish articles to your WordPress blog. You can also set the date that they’ll be published on and they’ll appear on that date automatically.

Rewriting tool:If you have access to other tools or are skilled enough to write decent content by yourself, then you can re-use your existing content. Of course, there are online spinners available that can help convert it into something different or rewrite it completely for you. That said, if you don’t have any other tools at your disposal then expect to use a machine-generated article

SEO Content Machine Pricing

Free trial: To get access to the free trial, you need to enter your email address, after that, they will send you a download link through which you can use it for free.

Flexible pricing options: The best thing about SCM pricing plans is that it provides access to all the tools, and updates in all the plans.

Monthly – $27/month • Quarterly – $57/month • Yearly – $120/month • Perpetual – $197/month

Brief : ✅ Multi-language support   ✅ WordPress automation ✅ Clean UI  ✅ Great SEO integration

Articoolo vs Article Forge : Best alternative for users on a budget

If you have a story to tell but don’t know how to, Articoolo will help. They can give you a creative & innovative new story or even just write one for you from scratch.

Article Forge vs Articoolo
Article Forge vs Articoolo

Type: Article Generator   

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, and German 

Best for: Users on a budget

Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 

Articoolo is using a Natural Learning Processing engine to create original content from scratch, simulating a human writer. This tool is easy-to-use and simple, offering a one-step solution for your content needs. All you have to do is input a topic and word count desired, and our AI will create a professionally written text. You can choose from different formats, including plain text or rich media.

What are some of the features of Articoolo ?

High-quality content generator: You can use the Articoolo to create from scratch or rewrite your article to generate high-quality content for your WordPress blog and site. Moreover, it provides summarize article, generate title, and writer’s helper tools in one platform.  

API: Articoolo has an API that will ensure that created content won’t just be accurate but also unique.

WordPress plugin: With the Articoolo WordPress plugin, you can make your content creating tasks easier and less stressful. It also saves you time and money.

Articoolo Pricing

This writing assistant is neither free nor does it come cheap. You can, however, choose from two schemes: Pay-per-use or a monthly fee.

The pay-as-you-go plan lets you access 10 to 100 articles for roughly $19 to $99

As for the monthly packages, here are your options: 

30 articles – $29/month

100 articles – $49/month

250 articles – $99/month

One of the benefits of an online writing service is that you can choose to either pay per month or by article. The monthly plan will be cheaper, but if you’ll only be using this occasionally, then it might make more sense to pay by article.

I would recommend this software for your essay or blog post needs because it has a 500 word limit.

Brief : ✅Zero duplications ✅ Easy to use ✅ Quick turnover time ✅ Affordable

Article Builder vs Article Forge : Best alternative for SEO link building

Article Builder uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality content for you. It takes the hassle out of the whole process and saves you a lot of time & effort. It’s very intuitive to use and it puts all the control in your hands.

Article Forge vs Article Builder
Article Forge vs Article Builder

Type: Article Generator 

Languages: English

Best for: SEO link building

Cost: Paid plan (30 days trial)

What are some of the features of Article Builder ?

Easy to use: Choose a category and subtopic, the article will automatically be made with word count and number of articles you request.

API: If you are a developer, you can also collaborate with Article Builder to create original content. Using its API, you can generate unique content without spinning your words.

Level of uniqueness: When super spun content is chosen, the article created is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique–plenty enough to avoid search engine penalties.

Article Builder Pricing

AI article builder only offers one premium plan.

Premium plan: $127/year.

Extra features: This plan gives you access to thousand of high-quality images for free.

Refund plan: If you’re not satisfied with Article Builder during the first 30 days, you can request a refund.If your company isn’t satisfied with Article Builder after 30 days, contact us for a refund.

Brief : ✅ Ease of use

Article Builder is based on our library of tens of thousands of categorized pieces, including titles, intro, tips and conclusion.

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